ISIS Captures City; 482 Killed Across Iraq


ISIS Captures City; 482 Killed Across Iraq

The strategic city of Rutba near the Syrian and
Jordan was captured
by Islamic State forces. The attack has forced Jordan’s army to be on high

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi rejected claims
that Turkey is involved in the Mosul operation. Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt
earlier on Monday said
that Turkish artillery fire had killed
17 militants in Bashiqa and Turkish jets were ready to fly on command. The
Kurds are denying
they asked for the help in the Bashiqa operations. Iran is now calling Turkish
involvement unacceptable so long as Iraq does not want it.

Security forces have rescued at least 70 Yazidi
women and children during operations in Iraq and Syria in the last week.

At least 482 people were killed and 116 were wounded:

Militants executed 40 entire
in Shura. The families were kidnapped from Houd and
Lazzaga. Security forces killed
five militants

In Baghdad, 11
people were killed and 35 were wounded
in a series of bombings.

A bomb south of Mosul killed
six people and wounded 10 more
who were trying to flee Daesh territory.

Peshmerga were wounded
in an attacks against Sinjar; fifteen militants were

In Kirkuk, the number of civilians and security
personnel killed in the recent Daesh attack
has risen by 65
to a total of 99 killed. More than 200 security personnel were
injured, which is 69 more than
previously reported. The number of militants killed in the assault was adjusted
to 74 killed. That number is higher than previous figures
by 26 deaths. A suicide bomber
killed himself on Monday.

The Iraqi army reports that 770 militants have been killed.
That figure is up by 297
from two days ago.

militants were killed
in clashes in Rutba.

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