Is the War on Guns the Next War on Terror?

Photo by Tobias Michaelsen | CC BY 2.0

The leaders of the United States of America are sick people. They are ignorant. They lack judgement. They choose to fight rather than to cooperate. Especially the Republican party. And especially our current President, Donald Trump. However, the American public remains a sorry lot also. We kill each other at an alarming rate. We are a violent, angry, and bloodthirsty group from top to bottom.

Donald Trump’s popularity is at its highest since the 100th day of his Presidency. It is worth revisiting how Trump got to his first high mark at 100 days. A Quartz headline read: Donald Trump has raised his approval ratings by embracing his inner bomb. Now they could have said: Donald Trump has raised his approval ratings by embracing his inner O-bomb-A. It would have meant the same thing. But Quartz is right. They list the jump of approval ratings of Presidents when a military event has happened. George W. Bush jumped up 35 percantage points after 9/11. Trump went up because he was bombing Syria, Afghanistan and Somalia and threatening to bomb North Korea.

Now Trump’s approval rating is up again. Could it be because he joined in the international hysteria over Russia’s alleged poisoning of a British spy? Trump expelled 60 Russian diplomats, joining in with more than 20 countries.  Denmark Foreign Minister Anders Samuelson said: ”We stand shoulder to shoulder with Britain and clearly say no to Russia at a time when Russia is…

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