Iranian won £32,000 in compensation for account closure from UK bank

A UK law firm has announced that one of its Iranian clients has managed to obtain nearly £32,000 in compensation for mistaken closure of his bank account form the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) last year.

Emma Nawaz, the managing director of Blackstone Solicitors, said on Tuesday that many Iranian individuals, having accounts in different UK banks, had suffered from mistaken account closure during the past few years.

She added that the majority of the UK banks, mostly afraid of being fined by the US over its so-called sanctions on Iran, first close the Iranian individuals’ accounts and then seek for the due justification. Nawaz further said that so far a number of their clients had managed to win compensations for the mistaken account closure, ranging from £500 to £20,000.

On Friday, the law firm announced that back in last year, an Iranian student in Greater Manchester represented by Blackstone even managed to recover “a total of £31,200 from RBS in…

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