Iran Artillery Fire Wounds Civilians; 93 Killed in Iraq

Iran Artillery Fire Wounds Civilians; 93 Killed in Iraq

Over a week after Baghdad declared Fallujah liberated,
the city is finally under the control
of security forces. Lt. Gen. Abdul-Wahab al-Saadi said there are some militants
still fighting, but all the districts have been captured. According to security
forces, about 1,800 militants were killed throughout the operation. Casualty
figures for the security forces, however, have not been released. Authorities
also estimated
that about 30 percent of the city was destroyed in the operation. It is unclear
when residents will be allowed to return.

The Kurdish Regional Government called on Iran
and Turkey to cease bombing Kurdish territory in pursuit of Kurdistan
Workers Party
(P.K.K) guerrillas. The government also asked the P.K.K. to
stop launching attacks on those neighboring counties from inside Kurdistan.

At least 93 were killed and 20 more were wounded:

In Baghdad, a bomb killed
two people and wounded one more
in Bayaa. One
militiaman was killed and another four were wounded
in a blast in Radwaniya.
In Baladiyat, a bomb killed
one person and wounded eight more

Gunmen in Hardan killed
one policeman and wounded two more

Iranian artillery fire wounded five civilians
in Haji Omeran and Sidaken.

In Abdul Hamid, a young
man was shot dead

A government
official was shot dead
in Kirkuk.

militants were killed
during strikes on Baghdadi and Doulab.

Another 30
were killed
in strikes south of Mosul.

In Qayara, airstrikes and security forces killed
25 militants

A militant
commander was killed
in Fallujah.

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