Investigation of Reported Refugee Murders Continues; 203 Killed in Iraq

Investigation of Reported Refugee Murders Continues; 203 Killed in Iraq

Iraqi officials visited a displacement camp in Amiriyat
, where they were bombarded with complaints
from refugees who say their male loved ones have been missing since escaping
Islamic State territory. Shi’ite militias admit they are interrogating
male refugees, looking for signs they may be militants instead of civilians.
Some of the cleared men say
they were tortured and saw other men killed. About 43,000 people have been displaced
from Fallujah and surrounding areas. The flow of refugees from Fallujah slowed
on Tuesday.

In Tuz Khormato, Ahmed Sheikh Langari, a Kurdistan
Democratic Party (KDP) member said that
Shi’ite militiamen are failing to follow a truce agreement.

The town of Nasr changed
again today. The Iraqi Army reclaimed it about two months after
capturing it the first time, then retreating.

At least 203 were killed and 19 more were wounded:

In Baghdad, a bomb killed
two people and wounded nine more
in Wahda. One
person was killed and seven were wounded
by a blast on Sheikh Omar
. A bomb in Arab Jabour wounded
three soldiers

In Nasr, a brigadier
general was killed
during the fighting. A militant
commander was also killed

In Fallujah, security forces killed
30 militants
in the southern suburbs. Sixteen
militants were killed
in western neighborhoods.

At least 40
militants were killed
during fighting in Albu Risha, Jeraishi,
and Tway.

Iraqi and Peshmerga forces killed 37
in Faraj and Kherbat-Shamam.

In Sharqat, an airstrike on a ferry killed
30 militants

militants were killed
in Falahat and Subaihat.

Security forces killed
19 militants
in Doulab.

militants were killed
in Albu Diyab.

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