Internet’s Hilarious Response To Hillary Christmas Tree ‘Angel’


Steve Watson
December 6, 2017

When a company announced that they are marketing a Hillary Clinton ‘Christmas Tree Angel’, the internet responded in typically hilarious fashion.

A British company is selling the 3D printed Clinton tree topper for a whopping £80, around $140, marketing it as “a Woman To Look Up To.”

“The most presidential of tree toppers. 3D sculpted in her iconic power suit with angelic wings.” The company website states, adding “She’s the First Lady of Christmas Tree Decorations.”

Liberals dubbed the figurine, along with one of singer Beyonce and tennis player Serena Williams a celebration of ‘resistmas’.

The Metro reported that “People had the chance to vote for which women should be made into festive figurine form and WTLUT decided on Beyonce, Serena and Hillary Clinton,” meaning that Hillary was finally successful in an election.

The company is also selling cards with Hillary on , as well as ones featuring an image of Michelle Obama.

The internet responded in hilarious fashion:

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  • doodaa

    “a woman to look up to”??? More like a woman that looks down on you.

    • UMadeUrChoice

      You get it. Your comment put this picture in my head, Hilary fallen angel and Elf on a Shelf in a staring contest.
      Whichever erupts in flames first loses.

  • Tark McCoy

    This goes to the old chestnut about how one Christmas Santa was VERY busy. The elves were screwing up the toys, Rudolph was in a rut and Mrs Clause hadn’t put out in weeks. Then an angel walks up to Santa and asks, “Hey Santa, what do you want me to do with this tree?”

    …and that’s how the angel ended up on top of the Christmas tree!

    • UMadeUrChoice

      funny, angel is so close to an@l, considering where you’re putting it.

  • yep

    good, i will be shooting this clinton decoration….with my 303…..right between her eyes…

  • JohnnyR6356

    The Hillary tree topper is for after Christmas when you take the needle dropping mess outside and set fire to it.

    • UMadeUrChoice

      Actually, that is what they are hoping for.
      Look up the old Molech rituals, if you are interested. Burning her effigy would bring her “new Life”.
      They double as voodoo dolls, since they are endorsed.

  • Better Days

    Hillary as an angel? This Christmas, celebrate it by insulting every angel in existence.

    • UMadeUrChoice

      They double as voodoo dolls, since they are endorsed.
      I believe her book even admits that she wanted a voodoo doll after the election.

  • Diana Boles

    Comment was made about what ConservATIVE women are there to look up to? How about Ann Coulter?

    • UMadeUrChoice

      They double as voodoo dolls, since they are endorsed.
      But I’m not going there.

  • UMadeUrChoice

    If people truly understood the creepy meaning to these angels.
    In past times, the worshippers of Molech would pile wood and place the “gifts” of children underneath. Then they would burn the offerings to secure the return of the sun to the land.
    The symbol of the Evergreen is a reference to Nimrod and it heralds a resurrection.
    The Christian church absorbed some of these traditions in an effort to convert the pagans through familiarity, but the meanings have changed.
    Putting an effigy of one of these “humans” on top of your tree is nothing less than intentional blasphemy.