Immigration: Gateway for Cheap Labor and Deliberate Disunity

A dear lawyer friend of mine for nearly 60 years recently posted a Facebook comment lamenting President Trump’s new, tightened immigration policy, saying that “immigration made America great.” My wife and I will be visiting him and his wife not long after this essay is published. It is, in effect, a long response to his lament, but I am leaving out here any elaboration on what I will also say to him, “Jim, face it, America has never been great.”

The land yet named “America,” after first being set afoot by voluntary immigrants thousands of years earlier, was subsequently touched for the first time by another wave of voluntary immigrants, but along with them came the forced “immigrants,” African slaves. Known, if not suppressed, by most Americans today is the misery these involuntary immigrants suffered under the tight and brutal yoke of the second landfall of voluntary immigrants, the blood thirsty, religiously fanatical, and imperialistically land grabbing White Europeans who were imitating their mother land’s own forms of land grabbing, subjugation and incessant bloodshed throughout White Europe.

Why did America’s power elite, themselves once immigrants, foster continued immigration but included allowing a decidedly different class of peoples? The two answers are clear to me: making America a gateway for cheap labor and for dividing and conquering the powerless.

Cheap Labor

What could be cheaper for the slave holders than unpaid hands…

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