IMF chief Christine Lagarde gives #MeToo the banks’ seal of approval


IMF chief Christine Lagarde gives #MeToo the banks’ seal of approval

Alex Lantier

5 February 2018

One event that occurred during the Davos summit casts a revealing light on the anti-democratic character of the feminist #MeToo campaign. In the luxurious Alpine resort, surrounded by political representatives of big business and assorted billionaires, and guarded against any possible protests by a small army of several thousand Swiss soldiers, three people seriously discussed a very great question: the oppression they face as women.

They were Christine Lagarde, the head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and Le Monde reporters Sylvie Kauffmann and Isabelle Chaperon. The resulting interview in Le Monde, which combines absurdity with hypocrisy, shows above all how #MeToo helped trigger a reactionary movement in the propertied classes that has little or nothing to do with a defence of women against sexual assault.

The victims of #MeToo witch-hunts, based on humiliating but largely unsubstantiated sexual allegations, starting with US film producer Harvey Weinstein, have still not been tried or had their right to due process. But behind the accusations against Weinstein, substantial political forces were being set into motion on both sides of the Atlantic. Le Mondes interview with Lagarde shows that the forces driving #MeToo prominently included the banks and the corporate media.

Asked if she speaks “a lot” about #MeToo, Lagarde replied in the affirmative: “I see that this #MeToo moment creates great embarrassment for men. Every time that I have raised these issues before an audience containing both genders, I saw that men were extremely embarrassed to speak up.” Hailing #MeToo as a “collective movement” for the interests of women that must continue,…

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