I'm Sick of the So-Called "News"

The CNN control room, in a photo taken on March 27, 2009. (Photo: Michael Newman)The CNN control room, in a photo taken on March 27, 2009. (Photo: Michael Newman)

I’m sick of the so-called “news” in this country.

If you turn on MSNBC or CNN any morning, all you’ll hear is the hosts and guests arguing about the latest absurd thing that Donald Trump has said.

On Monday, Trump laid out his economic plan, but the media ignored the details and the fact that his plan is Voodoo Economics 2.0, and they instead focused on the fact that he called Hillary Clinton unfit to serve as president.

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On Tuesday, the networks focused on the fact that dozens of establishment Republicans and national security advisers had signed a letter calling Trump dangerous, but, again, never mentioned issues, just personality.

By Wednesday, Trump had broken new ground by apparently encouraging “2nd amendment people” to assassinate Hillary Clinton or her Supreme Court nominees.

And today, if you were to turn on any of the 24-hour stations you’d know that Trump declared last night that Obama literally founded ISIS.

Honestly, it doesn’t matter what day of the week or what time of day a person tunes into the 24-hour news networks, he or she can always find out the latest vapid and boorish insult that’s spewed from Trump’s lips.

The problem is… it isn’t news!

It’s nothing but pure infotainment.

The corporate commercial networks are much, much happier presenting personal drama in the form of packaged infotainment and faux outrage rather than any sort of programming in the public interest.

This isn’t just me saying this either, I’ve put this challenge to my radio listeners for the past several weeks: If any listener or reader can find a moment where CNN or MSNBC has hosted a real substantive policy discussion on any significant issue, we’ll reward that listener or reader with a copy of one of my books of their choosing.

So, how many books have we given away?

Zero, zilch, none.

It’s not because the candidates aren’t saying…

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