ICYMI asks if Britain still even wants Brexit (VIDEO) — RT UK News

The countdown is on – it’s officially 365 days until Brexit. But do people still even want to leave the bloc, or would the public prefer a second referendum to take back what the majority decided last time?

ICYMI’s Lucie Carter hit the streets of London to find out what the people really want. We asked – and you delivered. Some called for another shot at voting. Others said the whole country should be made to vote… and one bloke just ran away.

According to one chap who said “stay, stay, stay, stay, stay,” even if we do go, “we’ll still be European.” So does it really matter? Does anything even matter?

ICYMI even asked a Stormtrooper the major question: Should the UK leave the EU? Or should there be another referendum?

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Via RT. This piece was reprinted by RINF Alternative News with permission or license.