I will remember London mayor’s ‘nasty’ remarks: Trump

Tell London’s Muslim Mayor Sadiq Khan that I will remember his “very rude” and “nasty” statements, says Donald Trump,  the US Republican Party’s presumptive presidential nominee.

In an interview broadcast on Monday, Trump that he is apathetic about how, who scored a resounding victory over his billionaire Conservative rival earlier this month, views his presidential campaign.

“When he won, I wished him well,” Trump said of Khan on ITV’s “Good Morning Britain.” “Now I don’t care about him.”

“Let’s see if he’s a good man,” said the billionaire, whose campaign has been marked by controversial statements, including with disparaging remarks about Mexican immigrants and Muslims. “It doesn’t make any difference to me how he does.”

Trump also said that he’s offended by Khan’s “very rude” and “nasty” remarks. “I will remember those statements.” He also asked Khan to “take an IQ test”.

Last week, Khan rejected…

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