‘I never believed in UK-US special relationship,’ says Blair’s Iraq-era defense sec


Former prime minister Tony Blair’s Iraq War-era defense secretary never put much stock in the supposedly privileged relationship between Britain and America, it has emerged.

Geoff Hoon, who was head of defence in 2003, and therefore hugely influential during the Iraq War, told an event on Friday: “I don’t really believe in the ‘special relationship.’”

According to the Mirror, Hoon said the much-vaunted relationship was a matter of realpolitik.

It is the US looking to the UK, and we have been a good and strong supporter of the United States – and that makes a special relationship.

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I can say that now, I probably couldn’t say it before – simply because it’s a relationship of interests.

Addressing an audience at an event on the US Presidential race in London, Hoon said: “There’s a sense in which it’s ‘America first’ – that’s how I view the special relationship, it’s ‘America first.

If you can align yourself with American interests you have a special relationship. If you can’t you’ll struggle.

On Tuesday, Sir Jeremy Greenstock, a former UK ambassador to the UN, set out his view on the Iraq War in a lengthy interview with the Guardian.

We were in the second-class carriage not driving the engine,” Greenstock said, arguing that US authorities viewed the Iraq invasion as “an American project in every sense that mattered and only Americans – and the right Americans at that – were qualified to conduct it.

He also said the “predatory emergence” of Al-Qaeda, and later Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL), in the region was “made far more likely by the survival of [ISIS leader] Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in Iraq and by the battle-hardening experience of the resistance there.”

He said that far from bolstering America’s place in the world, the war had done huge damage.

“To most people on the planet now it is unacceptable for the US on its own to interpret international legitimacy.

“America’s pure moral authority is no longer greater than if it was a small island state,” Greenstock said.

Via RT. This piece was reprinted by RINF Alternative News with permission or license.

  • Tim Hadfield

    There is no special relationship – America has no friends, only enemies, and frenemies.
    Frenemies are thralls that the USA uses (and later discards) to fight it’s enemies.

    Mossad style warfare – get your friends to fight your enemies, while you pretend to be the peacemaker.

  • Johnny Canuck

    Amerika is actually a puppet of ISIS-RA-EL and all it’s perverted, twisted and Psychopathic agendas. Everything since the Mossad/Saudi/Anglo/Amerikan insiders-conducted taking down of the three+ Towers on 911/2001 that created 3,000+ deaths of innocent People, has resulted in the destruction of Iraq, Libya and the attempt to dissolve Syria, not to mention the overthrow of the Ukrainian Political landscape which has seen the rise of pro-Fascist Nazis and the Jewish Oligarchs, no longer wanted in Russia.

    This Cabal of Murders has resulted in Millions of Deaths, Millions of displaced and homeless People and an influx of millions of so-called “Refugees” but nobody can explain how a young Man from North Africa is a “Child” or a “Refugee” from Syria, but that is an entire other issue.

    Tony B. Liar is a cross-dressing pervert who was busted after several warnings by the Police, for soliciting for sex in a public Toilet. It was known that he liked o dress as a Woman, he called himself “Miranda” and played guitar rather badly, so we are told.

    Oh what Freaks that be voted in by idiots!