I Don’t Think I Was The Only Reporter The Government Surveilled

Weasel Zippers
July 30, 2018

Of course, she wasn’t. Obama officials spied on the AP and James Rosen. They even spied on the Senate and broke into their files. That’s what John Brennan was caught lying about. And no one was ever punished. Brennan was just made to ‘apologize.’

Via PJ Media:

Although investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson has strong forensic evidence that her home computer was remotely accessed by government entities, nothing has been done about it. The Department of Justice should be paying attention, because Attkisson believes she wasn’t the only person who was improperly spied on during the Obama years.

Attkisson shared her story during a House Oversight and Reform hearing on Tuesday about H.R. 4382, the Free Flow of Information Act, which would enshrine journalist-source protection into federal law.

Reps Jamie Raskin (D-MD) and Jim Jordan (R-OH) introduced the Free Flow of Information Act in November of 2017 “to protect the exercise of freely reporting critical information to the American public by establishing federal protection from compulsory disclosures for journalists.”

Attkisson was reporting on the Benghazi scandal for CBS News in late 2012 when her computer records were surveilled by a government entity on multiple occasions. She is now the host of Full Measure, a Sunday public affairs program.

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