“Hungary is a Christian country and not a a place for multiculturalism”

Voice Of Europe
March 11, 2019

In an interview in a book published by French politician and essayist Philippe de Villiers, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán says there is no place for multiculturalism in Hungary.

“What outrages our opponents the most is the fact that in our Constitution we have written that Hungary has Christian roots, that here there is no place for multiculturalism, that a child has the right to a mother and a father, and that our nation has the right to defend its borders.”

Orbán stated that the Hungarian people have long-standing traditions of resistance to “limited sovereignty”: “First there were the rulers of the Holy Roman Empire, then the khans of the vast Mongol Empire, followed by the sultans of the Ottoman Empire; and then the Soviet comrades and their tanks. All of them wanted to put an end to Hungary”, he said, “but mysteriously the Hungarian people have survived in a boundless sea of Germans and Slavs.”multimulti

Asked if he is concerned today about the danger of national dissolution, Orbán said that he sees disintegration of the EU as a greater danger, with a line dividing Europe into two parts – one which is becoming Islamised, and one which does not want to become Islamised.

He outlined the choices thus: “If they leave us alone and do not force Islamisation upon us, Europe can live on as a club of free nations. If, however, they force us to accept the UN’s migration compact or the decisions of the European Commission, thereby aligning us with their permissive Western policy, disintegration cannot be ruled out.”

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This article was posted: Monday, March 11, 2019 at 7:21 am