Huffington Post Blames Alt-Right and 4Chan For Capital Gazette Shooting

By Mundilfury |

It is ridiculous to suggest that users who frequent anonymous message boards such as 4chan and 8chan along with right-wing media commentators are responsible for the shooting at the Capital Gazette.  That is, however, what Huffington Post journalist Andy Campbell is insinuating in his column that is presented here below. His column is less about the Capital Gazette shooting proper and more about the ongoing culture war that rages in America.

Campbell fails to mention that the mainstream media (MSM) is quite rightly maligned by members of the right-of-centre traditionalist clerisy for their jaunisme, bias, collusion, ad hominem invective, and outright fabrications. For example, Red Ice’s own Lana Lokteff presents a veritable avalanche of headlines that contain vicious anti-white hatred from a whole range of mainstream media sources in her latest video. Take a look at some of those headlines. Apparently, this sort of race baiting is acceptable to most news outlets as long as it’s aimed at the traditional American nation.  According to the MSM, we have to sit there and tolerate this viciousness.

It’s amazing that journos are incredulous that people are pushing back rhetorically, cancelling their subscriptions, and going elsewhere for news.  Campbell did not even acknowledge the fact that these misgivings about journalists are based on actions that the MSM itself has taken. The bias is obvious for all to see: whether it’s a…

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