How UK killed millions of Iranians

The deadly famine in Iran, which was caused by the British presence in the country during World War I, is ignored by almost all recent history books.

Dr. Mohammad Gholi Majd’s “The Great Famine and Genocide in Persia 1917-1919” is perhaps the only book that extensively documents the genocide.

According to the book, the widespread famine coupled with a disease epidemic killed around 8-10 million Iranian between 1917 and 1919, nearly half of the country’s population back then.

Majd, who has a PhD in Agricultural Economics from Cornell University, writes in his book that after invading Iran at the beginning of 1916, the British used all means of transportation for war supplies to the front-lines.

That effectively prevented imports of wheat and other foodstuff into Iran from India, Mesopotamia, Asia, and also the United States — which was back then a rival of the UK.

Majd argues that Brits even kept ships loaded with wheat from…

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