How Progressive Grassroots Movements Are Sweeping the UK and US

Pundits and Democratic heavyweights were stunned when 28-year-old Democratic Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez beat 10-term incumbent Representative Joe Crowley in New York in last month’s Democratic primary. We speak with George Monbiot, British journalist and author, and Katrina vanden Heuvel, editor and publisher of The Nation, about what her win means for the future of the Democratic Party and the progressive movement.

AMY GOODMAN: And, George Monbiot, when President Trump was asked about the protests in Britain today at his 40-minute news conference in Brussels, before he flew off to you — well, not exactly you and not exactly Sheila, but before he flew off to Britain, where he’ll also be going to the — his Turnberry golf course, which he talked about, did a little advertisement for and also said he had one in Ireland — and we have to remember that two years ago, when he went to that golf course the day after the Brexit vote, he was met by a young comedian. No one knew who he was at the time. He got on the golf course, and just as Trump was about to speak, he was wearing a Turnberry sweater and tie, and he said, “You can get Trump’s balls” — he was holding up golf balls — ”right behind me at the pro shop.” And he started to throw these golf balls out to the people, and they had swastikas on them. But Trump, today, when asked about the British protests, said — well, he started talking about the US elections and talked about how significant they were, that he was elected. He once again lied and said that he got Wisconsin, even Reagan did not win Wisconsin — which he did. But you’ve been looking at progressive politics in the United States. And what do you say to him saying — well, Trump said, “I won”?

GEORGE MONBIOT: Well, that’s part of the problem with the system that we’ve got. Your president or government can look back to a single decision, made once by the people, and then justify everything that takes place following that….

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