How Cameron conspired to keep Britain in EU: Leaked letters

UK Prime Minister David Cameron has been accused of plotting to keep Britain in the EU, as leaked letters show Cameron discussed the role of big business in the “Remain” campaign before he had even completed renegotiation of the deal with European leaders.

Eleven days before the renegotiation deal was completed and the EU referendum was formally announced, the prime minister received a letter from Serco chief executive Rupert Soames in which the business leader refers to talks held with Cameron earlier in February.

Soames writes, following up on the meeting, that he intended to urge the Financial Times Stock Exchange (FTSE) 500 companies to mention the risks of Brexit in their annual reports, based on the letter seen by the Daily Mail.

On February 8, when the meeting was held and the letter was dated, Cameron thought he could still campaign for a “Leave” vote if his renegotiation could not secure the changes he sought.

On February 3, he had told…

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