Homeland’s Alex Jones Character is a Lame Attempt to Smear Infowars

Radio host obsessively listened to by character who has gone half mad

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com
February 22, 2017


The new season of Homeland features an obnoxious Alex Jones-style radio host in what is a transparent effort to discredit Infowars and appease liberals via the medium of entertainment.

The Alex Jones character was introduced early in the season via a voice on the radio. One of the lead characters, Quinn, is seen obsessively listening to the show. This same character has become violent and semi-deranged since surviving a biological assassination attempt and a stroke.

The not so subtle inference is that anyone who listens to Alex Jones is violent and semi-deranged.

In the latest episode, the Alex Jones character is seen ranting about a terrorist attack in New York, blaming the female President-elect and vowing to “fight” her.

The plots of earlier Homeland seasons were usually focused around Islamic terrorism, but in later series the show has kowtowed to political correctness and allowed social justice narratives to ruin the dynamism of what was once an enjoyable watch.

“Showtime’s Homeland is really working on trying to get back on the good side of liberals this season, even after empathizing with terrorist sympathizers and demeaning Israeli settlers. But if they want a medal for that, they’ll have to wait a lot longer than six seasons. Until then, we have to deal with their next appeasement to the liberal crowds: an Alex Jones parody,” writes Newsbusters.

The premiere of season 6 was about 600,000 viewers down on the first show of season 5.

The fact that a female President was chosen (the series was written before last year’s…

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