‘Homeland Security’ removes barriers, setting up Portland Antifa clash

American Mirror
July 2, 2018

An antifa guy thought he was so tough, until the right hook left him laying in the street.

The streets of left-wing Portland, Oregon where chaos again on Saturday as members of “Patriot Prayer” marched in the Freedom Rally and were confronted by the fascist Antifa after the Department of Homeland Security removed barriers keeping the warring groups apart.

The melee ensued after Antifa pelted marchers with eggs and lit a firework in the crowd.

Video shows the crowd moving through the street as Antifa, many with their faced covered from cowardice, lobbed eggs and other items into the crowd. Several stopped and tension escalated.

Here’s another angle:

A firework went off, touching off the clash.

  • A d v e r t i s e m e n t

As both sides took potshots at each other, one agitator with his face concealed could be seen swinging a pipe or stick at marchers.

After swinging, he stepped back to survey his next target. That’s when a marcher stepped forward and delivered a right hook, sending the anti-fascist fascist to the ground.

KGW reports only 4 people were arrested and it all started when members of Patriot Prayer were waiting for a bus to take them away from the area.

Opponents “blocked the road,” preventing them from doing so.

According to the news station, the Department of Homeland Security “put up protective barricades to check people as they entered the…

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