Historic Economy Perfect Time ‘to Straighten Out Worst Trade Deals Ever Made’

August 6, 2018

President Donald Trump argued on Saturday evening in Ohio that the country’s booming economy presents the nation with the perfect opportunity to straighten out its atrocious trade deals that Trump said were the worst ever made by any nation.

“Now that we have the best economy in the history of our country, this is the time to straighten out the worst trade deals ever made by any country on earth at any time,” Trump said.

Not watering down his economic nationalist message in a more affluent congressional district (OH-12), Trump said America must stop building up foreign countries like China and focus more on rebuilding its own country. He even said of tariffs, “It’s my thing. I love it.”

“After years of rebuilding foreign countries, we are finally rebuilding our country,” said Trump, who tweeted about how he is using tariffs to negotiate fair and reciprocal trade deals before the rally. The audience roared when Trump vowed to finally rebuild America and put American workers.

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