Hillary’s Obscene Reaction to the Orlando Shootings


by John V. Walsh / June 12th, 2016

Hillary Clinton’s statement on the mass murder in Orlando is mostly a confection of the empty, saccharine pieties for which the entire American political class is known – but it concluded with a revealing statement.

There she said: “This is the deadliest mass shooting in the history of the United States and it reminds us once more that weapons of war have no place on our streets.”  (Emphasis, jw)

But those “weapons of war” have been used on the streets of Iraq and in midnight raids on the civilian population in the war there that Hillary so ardently backed.

Does she even grasp what she is saying?  She is saying that it is an atrocity to use such weapons on Americans – but not on the brown people, civilians in their homes, in Iraq and throughout the greater Middle East and North Africa in U.S. wars of aggression and the occupation.   To be horrified by the use of those weapons on Americans but not on Arabs qualifies as racism of the basest sort.

And what about the causes of the atrocity in Orlando?  In attempting to discuss the cause, she mentions the lack of gun control and the discrimination against the LGBT community. But she forgets to say in her statement that ISIS laid claim to the atrocity, lauding one of its American followers for carrying out the deed.  So ISIS is responsible, and the hatred of America on which ISIS thrives is responsible.

But where does ISIS come from?  It did not exist before the…

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  • joe

    That “shooting” was a hoax like the Sandy Hook pulled by the globalists in charge so that they can ban the assault rifles and guns in general in the US and justify the endless interventions in the ME mainly Syria this time.The same scenario played over and over again.Even a 4 yr old kid can see the patterns…

    • Marie Beckett

      Yes………but unfortunately the majority of Americans are lobotomized two year olds! So what can we do about that!?

    • UnderTheBedMonster

      They need better writers for their scenerios. These are too pathetic……. I thought Dylan Roof was hilarious….now shooting up a fag club!!! I guess they must think they are hugely inventive to think that one up. Dylan went back to Europe where he came from….and the Orlando Fag Club shooter will go to some obscure country until things cool off. Supposedly killing him off lets him dance away from the crime with no repercussions. I am sure his Dad can find a nice hidey hold for him in Afganistan for a few months.

  • Zaphod Braden

    Reality and Hillary have never met.
    Hillary is a PSYCHOPATH incapable of allowing reality into her consciousness.

  • Grim Fandango

    HOAX? Hell yes!

    And one more observation, these “weapons of war” (a major reason for the hoax, they want our AR15s) are also used on Americans, during the “war on drugs” raids, and even when serving an arrest warrant. Often at the wrong address, shooting the victims dogs first, and then the hapless innocent victim

  • freewheelinfranklin543

    And ISIS is a creation of US intel! Ipso Facto this attack or false flag lies at the feet of the district of criminals!

  • UnderTheBedMonster

    There will be at least one false flag attack a month or twice a month until the Elections take place. Anything to take our guns away. Stir up the populace against the terrorists and demand that the US citizens give up their guns so they can be SAFE….or some other insane reason. They won’t stop until they accomplish this feat…..regardless of how many people must die….they don’t care. Each false flag seems to get worse and worse…..how many will die in the next false flag? Probably 200 is my guess. Gotta shove it in your face that you are not safe unless the gvt says so.

    I am sure hillbilly had her speech prepared weeks in advance……. her writers are working overtime again giving her drivel to say.

  • gmatch

    America should take all is insane weapons of war from outside US and go home and f*ck itself.

  • Occam’s Razor

    This ought to help: