Hillary Clinton backs industries responsible for miscarriages and infertility while claiming to support ‘reproductive rights’

Hillary Clinton has been hailed as a feminist figurehead who fights for women’s issues, equality and reproductive rights. She has won the votes of many women as she could go into the history books as the first female president of the United States.

“Too often, these are called women’s issues. Well, I am a proud lifelong fighter for women’s issues, because I firmly believe what’s good for women is good for America. … As far as I’m concerned, any issue that affects women’s lives and futures is a women’s issue,” Hillary said in September 2015.

But is she really true to her word or is she using her status as a woman to trick people into believing that she is going to make the world a better place for women?

Hillary, the ‘Bride of Frankenfood’

While pretending to fight for women’s rights, the Clinton Foundation received millions of dollars from big agricultural corporates and the GMO industry.

According to the Clinton Foundation disclosures, Monsanto donated between $501,250 and $1 million to the foundation, and Dow Chemical Company, another top GMO player, gave between $1 million and $5 million. Numerous other corporate giants donated large sums to the foundation and Hillary’s presidential campaign.

What’s more, she hired a Monsanto and Big Ag lobbyist to run her campaign and has been pushing other nations to start using GMO products and pesticides.

So let’s face it, Hillary is no stranger to Monsanto and isn’t shy to air her pro-GMO agenda in public. Her ties to Monsanto and the GMO industry run so deep that she has been dubbed the “Bride of Frankenfood” by environmentalists in Iowa.

How can one fight for women’s rights while promoting GMO ‘Frankenfoods’ that have been found to cause breast cancer, miscarriages, birth defects, and infertility?

What is America going to eat if Hillary is elected

For years the White House chefs have used organic foods coming from local farmers and suppliers, Global Research reports. They even have a rooftop garden for fresh produce grown without pesticides and fertilizers. Next to the Obama family, the Clinton and Bush II families all ate non-GMO, organic foods.

Controversially, that’s not what they are intending to feed the rest of the America, and the world.

In 2014, Hillary Clinton endorsed GMOs, saying, “I stand in favor of using seeds and products that have a proven track record.” She even attacked GMO critics, by saying, “There is a big gap between what the facts are, and what the perceptions are.”

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Another dirty secret

If you are still not convinced that Hillary Clinton isn’t quite the feminist she claims to be, then here is another dirty little fact.

According to the Observer, Hillary Clinton also received generous donations to the Clinton Foundation during her tenure at the State Department from countries with horrid records of women’s rights violations. These countries include Saudi Arabia, Oman, Algeria and the United Arab Emirates.

“Ms. Clinton’s supposed penchant for women’s rights wasn’t taken into account when it came to taking money from countries that exhibit some of the worst examples of gender inequality in the world. These donations beg the question of whether Ms. Clinton’s efforts on the behalf of women were more for show than genuinely wanting to make an impact for women today,” the article reads.

Don’t be fooled. Although it would be very empowering for all women to have a female president, know what you are voting for.

As reported by The Washington Times, a large fraction of Hillary’s enthusiasts has turned their back on her for her involvement in GMOs and are prompting other women to switch allegiances to Sen. Bernard Sanders of Vermont.

“I was surprised, because these women were really pushing for Hillary until they found out about the Monsanto connection, and then they dropped her like a hot potato,” said James Berge, Democratic Party chairman for Worth County, Iowa.

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