High Level Banker Plunges Out the Window: “No Specific Reason Why… He Was Depressed”

Mac Slavo
March 3, 2017

At this time, we can only speculate what was weighing upon banker Kevin Bell before he jumped. Short of a note, or any direct evidence, the powers that be have determined he was simply depressed.

It may also be, that the closer we all come to a set of devastating events that will wipe out and reset the economic landscape, the more people are losing it under pressure, and equally, the more that certain people are gotten rid of.

Did he know something specific?

We may never know whether this man was speaking out against something that was happening, uncomfortable with something he was being asked to cover for or that he witnessed. However, we do know that he was no insignificant investment professional – according to his LinkedIn profile, he was a former managing director at both Citigroup and Deutsche Bank. For the last couple of years before his death, he was in charge of Credit Risk for Arrowgrass Capitol Partners, a firm that touts its “consistent risk-adjusted returns.”

via the Daily Mail:

A father-of-two hedge fund executive committed suicide Wednesday morning by jumping out of his luxury Manhattan apartment building.

Kevin Bell jumped out of a ninth-floor window at the historic Anthorp Building on the Upper West Side around 7.20am, landing on some scaffolding set up in front of the building.

The 47-year-old Duke graduate was pronounced dead at the scene.

Sources told the New York Post that Bell left behind a note saying that he was depressed.

‘The family is hysterical. He was under a lot of meds. He did not give a specific reason why he jumped, but he was depressed,’ the source said.


Bell was a Duke graduate who worked as the head of credit risk at Arrowgrass Capital Partners. 

Though his death may well have been due to personal depression, and personal problems, there may well be more to the story.

His death is the latest…

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