High-Energy Foods for Guys

We’ve all had those days where we wake up and just don’t feel restored. Exhaustion and fatigue kick in, and we are sluggish for the rest of the day. While this can be caused by factors like genetics and old age, there is one contributing factor that you do have the power to control: diet.

Diet plays a huge role in the energy you have throughout the day. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t eat an energy-efficient diet and end up relying on crutches like coffee and energy drinks to make it through the day. However, if they were to just change up their diet, they’d be able to skip the energy drinks.

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Complex carbohydrates, like whole grains, are your body’s main source of dietary energy. Skipping high-glycemic foods and eating low-glycemic ones like whole grains will help you be full of energy for the day ahead. Also, it’s important to consume fruits and vegetables as well as protein to improve physical strength and provide support to your immune system.

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High energy foods to eat

It’s easy to say that you should change up your diet to incorporate more energy-efficient foods; however, putting it into practice can be difficult. Fortunately, we have a list of some healthy foods you can supplement into your diet with ease.

Oatmeal: This is probably the best source of whole grains you could eat in the morning. Oatmeal provides a healthy dose of carbs and protein, as long as you skip on the additives. It’s also full of other vitamins and minerals that help metabolize energy.

Yogurt: A great quick snack, yogurt is full of protein and probiotics. It has lactose, which is a milk sugar, and is converted into energy. The protein makes the energy boost from the…

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