Hearing for female Marines nude photos ‘misses the point'

A Democratic lawmaker in the US House of Representatives has censured the House Armed Services Committee for downgrading its public hearing over a scandal, involving nude photo sharing by US military personnel, to a subcommittee hearing on social media policies.

California Democratic Representative Jackie Speier made the comments on Tuesday.

“Framing the issue as military social media policies misses the point,” said the 66-year-old (pictured below). “No one has ever gone on Facebook, looked at non-consensually posted intimate photos, typed a rape threat and then stopped and said, ‘Oh, I better not make rape threats. That’s against the military social media policy.'”

Some service members recently posted nude photos of female Marines without their consent in a Facebook group called “Marines United,” with around 30,000 followers.

The scandal led to an ongoing investigation by the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, which has apparently…

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