Hawaii to challenge Trump's revised travel ban in court


The US state of Hawaii has announced plans to file a federal lawsuit against President Donald Trump’s new entry ban against some Muslim nations.

Trump signed a new executive order Monday, excluding Iraq from an originally 7-state travel ban that prevented nationals from Iran, Yemen, Syria, Sudan, Libya and Somalia from obtaining a US visa.

Hawaii’s state lawmakers said in their court filings on Tuesday that they would seek a temporary restraining order to block the implementation of the new measure, arguing that it violates the law.

Neal Katyal, one of the lead attorneys for Hawaii, told CNN that “the new executive order covers fewer people than the old one” but still “suffers from the same constitutional and statutory defects.”

Many groups have denounced Trump’s revised ban but this marks the first legal action against the move.

The original version, introduced in late January, was brought to a halt after a federal judge in the state of…

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