Having an American Identity – LewRockwell

Every now and then one encounters an illustration of what’s wrong with conservatism, inc. that’s so egregious that one feels obliged to comment. And this happened to me just the other day! On June 14 Townhall featured an essay in support of John James, the Republican senatorial candidate in Michigan. This commentary almost managed to get me to donate to James’s Democratic opponent. For those who don’t know, James is a black former army officer with a distinguished military record, a West Point graduate, and a successful businessman. The Republicans, for all I know, may have made a sound choice in deciding to run James. His standard GOP views and military prowess will probably serve him well in most regions of Michigan. At the same time, James’s racial identity might help him penetrate the powerful Democratic hold in the heavily black Southeastern corner of the state.

His advocate on Townhall, Marina Medvin, however, is determined to turn her endorsement into an attack on those who reject her “red-white-and blue” Americanism. From her recurrent grammatical mistakes and malapropisms it would seem that the author is not an English native speaker. She is in fact a Russian immigrant, who adores the US but does so in her own way. She seems to be insisting (although not very clearly) that we should all be generic Americans and not allow our ethnic or regional identities to filter our identity as a people. She then unloads her barrels on three groups whom she considers to be violating her concept of Americanness, Black Lives Matter, the LGBT lobby and those who respect the Confederate Heritage. Marina expresses concern that “these divisive groups are trending around the country” and disturbing our domestic tranquility. But these…

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