Half of Iraq’s Daesh-held territories liberated: Kerry

US Secretary of State John Kerry says the momentum in the fight against the Daesh (ISIL) terrorist group has shifted and Daesh has lost half of the land it once controlled in Iraq.

“The momentum has shifted,” Kerry said Wednesday during the opening speech of an Iraq donor conference in Washington, DC, according to Reuters.

“We are making progress with significant portions of Iraq reclaimed, significant portions of Syria now being reclaimed,” the top American diplomat added.

Officials from 24 nations were due in Washington to attend the Iraq pledging conference which is co-hosted by the US, Canada, Germany, Japan and the Netherlands.

The conference seeks to generate at least $2 billion in aid to provide the Arab country’s conflict-ridden areas with much-needed humanitarian aid.

“This is a cause that truly deserves a firm and generous commitment from everybody,” Kerry said.

Canada announced Tuesday that it will fund $200 million of the target…

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