GTA Dagenham? Burglars filmed fleeing crime scene… on a mobility scooter (VIDEO)

Police have released footage of a gang using a mobility scooter as an unlikely getaway vehicle following an alleged burglary at a London pharmacy.

The four-strong gang broke into Dagenham’s Kry BA Chemists in May before one made his escape with cash from the till aboard an electric wheelchair.

The group is suspected of a similar raid in Dagenham in August, although it is not known whether the scooter also featured in their escape.

The suspects used an iron bar to break in before stealing the till.

Police said the scooter traveled “quickly away from the store.

Mobility scooters, designed for the elderly and infirm, generally have a top speed of around 8mph.

“The getaway driver is described as white, bald, wearing dark clothing and driving a dark mobility scooter,” according to police, who urged anyone with information to come forward.

London’s criminals will do anything to keep law enforcement guessing. In March an equally unusual crime took place when thieves raided a warehouse full of stuffed animals and took beasts valued at £100,000 (US$142,000) – including two lions, a giraffe and a chimpanzee in a top hat and tie.

Via RT. This piece was reprinted by RINF Alternative News with permission or license.