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Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from AoM reader and friend Cameron Ming. Cameron is an award-winning barbequer and griller here in Oklahoma.

One of the closest links between man and beast is our love for meat. But what should separate us from mere animals is the manner in which that meat is cooked. Sadly, just because you’re human doesn’t mean you’re eating your meat any better than a beast.

Grilling a steak truly is like art: lots of people can draw, but not everyone is Michelangelo. Most of us will never make masterpieces at home, but getting close is much more simple than you think. Properly grilling a steak will separate you from the majority of the guys on the block and might even impress the ladies. But more important than showing up the fellas, you owe it to yourself to prepare the meat in the best way possible. It’s a matter of respect, I’d say.

Here are 5 simple tips to get you on track to painting your Meaty Sistine Chapel.

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1. Choose your meat wisely. The meat is absolutely the most important part of the process. And knowing what cut you like will open your eyes to endless possibilities. Most people think the filet or tenderloin is the best cut. It is probably the most tender, but “best” is up for debate. Filets sacrifice flavor for tenderness and usually rely on some outside agent to give them a stronger flavor. Ribeyes have killer flavor but tend to be on the fatty side. The New York Strip falls somewhere in between.

So try different cuts to see what works for your taste. I love Ribeyes, but when I can’t shell out the cash, I’ll get a good chuck steak. It has good marbling (fat content), but has enough meat that I don’t feel like I’m wasting my…

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