'Grenfell Tower cladding replaced with flammable aluminum panels'

British media have said that cheap materials were used for the refurbishment of London’s Grenfell Tower which was engulfed by flames two weeks ago.

According to a published report in The Times on Friday, fire-resistant zinc cladding was replaced with more flammable aluminum panels to save nearly 300-hundred thousand pounds based on the decision of a London local government council.

The aluminum cladding is suspected of having helped spread the fire that claimed at least 80 lives.The building reportedly was home to about 600 people, mainly Muslims and other ethnic minorities. 

The report comes after the council on Thursday abruptly ended its first meeting since the disaster. The decision came after council leader Nicholas Paget-Brown apologized for the authority’s response to the fire.

Earlier, police confirmed that the exact number of people killed in London’s Grenfell block fire will remain unknown until at least the end of this year.

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