Gold Is Good – Greed Is No Good

It can’t happen here! What is happening in Venezuela and Argentina cannot occur in Western economies. That’s at least what markets believe with stocks and most bubble assets remaining in cloud cuckoo land. Rates in Argentina have just gone to 40% to protect the currency. Anyone who believes that rates in the US will remain at current low levels or that German and Japanese rates will remain negative has a massive shock coming.


Argentina used to be a very strong economy 100 years ago but in the last few decades the country has gone through several economic collapses and hyperinflation. Argentina just increased short term rates to 40% to defend the currency. The Peso has declined 95% since 2001 and is on its way to zero. So it is quickly catching up with another South American country – Venezuela. The official Bolivar is down 99.7% against the dollar since 1995. The black market rate is much worse.


Don’t believe that the dollar in any way should be proud over its outperformance against the Bolivar and Peso. Since 1999 the dollar is down 80% against real money which is gold of course. The Venezuelans and Argentinians would have done very well since the late 1990s to hold dollars rather than their own currency. But if they, as well as the Americans, had held their savings in real money – Gold – they would today live like kings in their home country.


I am amazed how few people understand the importance of history and economics. I meet many Family Offices whose main objective should be to preserve generational wealth. Very few of them hold gold or understand the importance of gold for wealth preservation purposes. They don’t…

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