Globalists Are at the Apex of Panic

There’s a reason to be optimistic as the two leaders of two Cold War superpower antagonists have their leaders displaying a certain level of mutual respect, and so is the case between both peoples in matters of global concern, in spite of the wild acoustics coming from the Old Mainstream Media.

Although we’ve been very skeptical about the current US administration about its rhetoric, the events on the ground suggest that advanced information were shared prior to the actual bombings in Syria, and the purely theatrical display of US military might in Afghanistan more than a year ago, which enabled the targets to prepare.

In those instances no major civilian casualties were reported. This explains why the Deep State media are still not satisfied with Trump’s militarist action, and they want him out before they lost their privileged social standing, as covert operators are systematically exposing their darker side for everyone to see.

Here are some of the Deep State media headlines illustrating those frustrations:

Globalists Are in Panic Mode Because of ‘Putin-Trump Summit’

Prolonging the Agony: …
Jim Macgregor, Gerry D…
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Judging by the reaction of the US mainstream media, the world, as we know it, will end in July when Donald Trump meets Vladimir Putin in Helsinki. Pundits fear that Putin and Trump will strike a deal that will ruin the current world order.

But why do they think that a deal between the US president and the Russian leader is a bad thing? Why do they say that leaving Putin and Trump unsupervised in the same room is a “doomsday scenario”? Their reasons have nothing to do with American interests. The US media and its “expert community”…

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