Germany: Left Party leader ready to cooperate with far-right AfD


Germany: Left Party leader ready to cooperate with far-right AfD

Verena Nees

13 September 2017

In an interview on German television last Thursday, Sahra Wagenknecht, the leading candidate of the Left Party for this month’s federal election, issued a clear call for cooperation with the far right Alternative for Germany (AfD). In the interview she said: “What one should not do is turn the AfD into a victim by generally excluding or dealing with it in an unfair way.”

She made clear that her remarks referred explicitly to possible posts in the Bundestag presidium or parliamentary committees following the election. “In this case one should also look at who is standing for what and not judge out of hand,” Wagenknecht said, signaling that the Left Party was prepared to support the election of AfD candidates to such bodies.

Commenting on the chances of a majority vote at the election for a so-called red-red-green (Social Democrat-Left Party-Green Party) coalition Wagenknecht declared: “If you look at the polls you cannot seriously and publicly maintain that the chances are good for red-red-green. “Sadly, the SPD has screwed up,” she told the N24 television channel, which is part of the right-wing Axel Springer media group.

The media hype surrounding former EU bureaucrat Martin Schulz, the SPD’s lead election candidate and a man seen by the Left Party as a possible entry ticket for its involvement in federal government, has now collapsed completely. The SPD continues to be a party hated by broad layers of the population, and particularly by workers, for its Agenda 2010 program, which forced millions into cheap wage labour and precarious working conditions.

The Left Party’s hopes for a future red-red-green coalition had already been dampened by the massive…

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