German Green Party leader Joschka Fischer promotes militarism and war


German Green Party leader Joschka Fischer promotes militarism and war

Johannes Stern

24 May 2018

As the ruling class in Germany forges ahead with its plans for war and rearmament, it can rely above all on the person of Joschka Fischer. Twenty years ago the Green Party leader and former German foreign minister organised the first German combat mission since the Second World War—in Kosovo. Since then he has enthusiastically supported every foreign mission by the Bundeswehr (German armed forces). Now he is leading the campaign for a massive increase in the German defence budget and an aggressive imperialist foreign policy.

In an interview in the current issue of Der Spiegel, Fischer explains: “It’s all about us: for years, we have invested too little in our security. I read just in the past week that Bundeswehr pilots are losing their licenses because they cannot complete enough flying hours due to helicopter malfunctions. Submarines cannot operate because of a shortage of spare parts. We have only four operational Eurofighters. What an indictment! If you ask me if we can defend ourselves, then the clear answer is no.”

In response to an observation by Der Spiegel that Germans “did not want to spend more money on armaments,” Fischer replied: “That’s a problem, but we have to do it. We must have a minimum defence capability, otherwise Europe will suffer. Do you think I like saying we have to do more for our defence? We are too big and too important to prefer slimming down.”

In terms of its content and choice of words, Fischer’s interview is reminiscent of the speeches of the advocates of German great power politics prior to the two world wars. “Without Germany it does not work,” Fischer explains at one point. “If we are convinced we have to remain in…

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