German government backs Spain’s violent crackdown on Catalonia


German government backs Spain’s violent crackdown on Catalonia

Peter Schwarz

7 October 2017

Germany’s government has given its explicit backing to the violent suppression of the Catalonian independence movement by the Spanish government.

At a government press conference on Wednesday, government spokesman Stefan Seibert stated, “We have a major interest in the stability of Spain, and it is therefore important that everything going on there politically remains within the rule of law.” Spain’s constitutional court took a clear decision that “this so-called referendum” was not in accord with the Spanish constitution. The Spanish government has the task of “maintaining the constitutional order.”

Seibert emphasised that the German Chancellor was not striving for a mediation mission, because the issue at stake is “according to our firm conviction an internal Spanish affair.”

Despite repeated follow-up questions from several journalists, the government spokesman stubbornly refused to utter a single word of criticism over the Spanish police’s brutal crackdown, which injured up to a thousand participants in the referendum.

Asked why the German government was not responding to the violations of human rights and police violence on Catalonia’s streets