Geopolitics and the Psychopath


In the aftermath of the Paris massacre I found myself pondering the surreal state of the world and the myriad humanitarian disasters and violations of international law infiltrating the globe. War crimes in Iraq, Gaza, Syria and Libya accompanied by air strikes, bombing raids and regime changes have become routine. The genocide in Yemen, albeit a humanitarian catastrophe, receives little media attention.  U.S. led propaganda and harsh sanctions have economically destabilized Venezuela, conceivably as a prelude to invasion. Governmental looting of pensions and savings has begun, devastating retirees and their surviving spouses while corporate moguls earn 380x more than the average wage earner. It has always been this way irrespective of ideology, theology, or philosophy. The brutality of war and suffering are historical realities.

In distress I turn to my chosen field of psychology for answers. I am led to realize that in this geopolitical landscape, driven by the quest for political domination and exploitation of world resources, it is increasingly imperative that the layperson acquires a basic psychological comprehension of human evil, in order for any of this to make a modicum of sense.

Physicist and psychoanalyst Ian Hughes wrote:

A small proportion of people who suffer from psychologically abnormal personalities have, throughout history, had an immeasurable detrimental impact on our societies, our politics and our world. Enabled by their ruthlessness to…

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  • SanityClaus

    Using the Military forces of the United States alone it is possible to rape and murder everyone in Afghanistan for a mere $20 million dollars in a period of one year. There is no “war” or wars being prosecuted by the pentagon vassals to the British Crown. A massive theft of TRILLIONS of dollars in U.S. public fund is the rape and plunder of the CIVILIAN population of the United States. Witness the announcement made by Rumsfeld at the Pentagon claiming a missing $2.3 TRILLION

    on SEPT. 10, 2001. Have you got a clue yet?

  • Black Swan

    ” We always kill the good guys and let the psychopaths run amok.” Bill Hicks

  • JosephConrad

    The U.S. is run by PSYCHOPATHS called NEOCONS & THE ‘1%. THEY MUST BE STOPPED.
    The alternative for citizens is WW III.