France’s Macron

Bravo Monsieur le president Macron!  You have gotten off to a most impressive start.  France’s five-year national depression – known as ‘morosité – has lifted and been replaced by a sense that the republic is not doomed after all.  In fact, quite the contrary.

France’s new 39-year old president has astounded nearly everyone.  Like the silver-tongued Barack Obama, he appeared out of nowhere and captured the imagination of the nation.  Like Obama, Macron is accused of being a cat’s paw for the deep state and/or powerful financial interests.  Macron used to work for the influential Rothschild bank arranging deals.

Yet Macron, with limited political experience and few evident allies, chose the perfect moment to enter the lists of French politics.  The French public was disgusted by its feckless, self-serving political parties of left and right.  The economy was mired in stagnation.  France’s former role as leader of Europe had become a distant memory.

In love and politics, timing is everything.

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Emmanuel Macron declared himself and his new ‘En Marche’ party above politics and dedicated to ending the vitriolic battle between left and right that has wounded France since the 1930’s.   French were sick of the left-right bickering and trench warfare of their professional politicians. Americans should take notice.

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Amazingly, France’s Socialist and Communist parties pretty much collapsed in the recent presidential election.  So too the far right National Front and the center-right Republicans.   The defeated Socialist president, Francois Holland, bore heavy responsibility for the Socialist’s rout.  His sad sack image…

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