Ford’s Killing of the Sedan Line-Up Is a Very Bad Idea

Talking about focusing on SUVs is one thing, but killing an entire sedan lineup is quite another. However, that’s what Ford’s decided to do as it lays out new plans for the future.

Wednesday, Ford announced that it will phase out sedans from its North American lineup in favor of trucks and SUVs. So that means we won’t see future generations of the Fusion, Taurus, C-MAX, and Fiesta. The automaker broke the news to shareholders as it reported a $1.7 billion profit in the first quarter of 2018. Only the Ford Mustang and a new Focus Active crossover coming in 2019 will survive.

“You can’t just ignore a whole segment.”

If anyone’s going to have an opinion on Ford’s decision, it’s Car Pro Show host Jerry Reynolds. Reynolds spent more than 35 years on the retail side of the car biz and at one point was the #1 selling Ford Dealer in the United States. He also served as chairman of the Ford National Dealer Council more than once.

Check out this transcript of Jerry’s interview with the KFYO Radio morning team for his take on Ford CEO Jim Hackett’s cost-cutting decision. Also, tune in to the Car Pro Show this Saturday to hear much more as the industry absorbs the news.

KFYO Radio Transcript

KFYO: Ford is dumping all but two of their cars?

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Jerry Reynolds: “I think it’s all a plan of the new CEO of Ford Motor Company, his name is Hackett, and I think he just signed his termination papers and he just doesn’t know it yet. That’s a really bad idea on their part and I was involved with Ford for a lot of years.  I’ll tell you now when you start dumping nameplates like the Taurus and Fusion, you know, Focus is a little different they needed a…

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