Florida Senator Shows His Ignorance of Guns, Calls Shooter’s Weapon ‘Automatic’

Louder With Crowder
February 16, 2018

Pro-life rallies. Immigration vetting. Smaller government. Of all the things that trigger leftists, boom sticks with triggers are among the biggest.

Leftists who think automatic weapons are legal also think they’re qualified to write gun control laws (see Chelsea Handler Pretends She Cares About Kids to Push Gun Control. Looks Like an Idiot). It’s like having a weightlifter write the rules for figure skating. Doesn’t figure.

Figure Skating

Bill Nelson is a Democratic Florida senator with a hankering to control all the gun things. There’s just one problem: he’s confused on which guns are legal.

“Is this OK to talk about gun control policy at this time, sir?” asked host Mika Brzezinski.

Nelson said now is not only the time “to talk about it, but to screw up our resolve to do something about it.”

“Here is an automatic weapon, an assault rifle,” Nelson said, “Just look in Florida: Pulse Nightclub a couple of years ago, a year ago the Fort Lauderdale airport, now this. And that’s just the state of Florida.”

Things which are automatic: spam in email inboxes, the government screwing people, the pill dispenser Nelson forgot to use this morning. Things which aren’t automatic: AR-15’s.

Alligators. Drownings. Heroine. All these things cause deaths “just in the state of Florida.” These entities are closely monitored alongside gun purchases. Alligator warning signs are posted. Buoys mark where to swim on a beach. Heroine is explicitly prohibited despite its possession by friendly immigrants. Once again, automatic weapons are already outlawed. There is also no actual use for a chainsaw bayonet. And dangerous folks will find any way to kill people if they have a hankering. Crockpot bombs, knives, and Pelosi speeches are all possible weapons. Only dangerous people make them lethal to the masses.

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