Flat Earthers unite in UK’s first convention to discuss science, proof, and… Pac Man? — RT UK News

Even though the Ancient Greeks first argued more than 2,000 years ago that the planet was round, a whole convention of flat earthers have come together in the UK discuss their debunked theory that Earth is not a globe, but flat.

Over the weekend more than 200 globe-deniers attended Britain’s first ever Flat Earth Convention in Birmingham. Imagine that – hundreds of conspiracy theorists, some of whom think Australia doesn’t really exist, descending on a three star hotel in the Midlands.

Among the flat earthers were a string of IT consultants, environmentalists, and even an NHS manager and a special needs educational worker.

Throughout the three-day conference, guest speakers unveiled their scientific ‘proof’ that the Earth is actually flat as a tack. David Marsh, a manager at the NHS Supply Chain head office in Alfreton, Derbyshire, says that his backyard-based scientific research blows the conventional research of qualified scientists out of the wate. That includes NASA…who apparently didn’t actually prove that the Earth is round by using GPS, satellites, or images from space.

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Instead, Marsh spent a year in his backyard tracking the movement of the moon across the sky using a free mobile app and a Nikon camera. With his extensive research, he believes that he has disproved the modern laws of planetary motion. “My research destroys big bang cosmology,” he said. “It supports the idea that gravity doesn’t exist and the only true force in nature is electromagnetism.”

So if the Earth is flat – why don’t planes fall off the edge of the planet or boats plummet off the side and into space? Well, that’s a silly question, according to flat earthers.

According to speaker and ‘expert’ Darren Nesbit, the reason such incidents do not occur is due to the ‘Pac-Man effect’. “We know that continuous east-west travel is a reality,” Nesbit said. “No one has ever come to, or crossed a physical boundary. One logical possibility for those who are truly free thinkers is that space-time wraps around and we get a Pac-Man effect.”

Nesbit’s Pac-Man theory means that when bodies reach the verge of the horizon, they simply teleport from one side of the Earth to the other… just like when Pac Man teeters off the edge of the screen in the iconic video game.

Convention organizer Gary John believes people are finally “waking up.” He said: “We’re seeing an explosion of interest in flat earth theories and increasing mistrust of governments. It’s just amazing to connect with people and do the experiments and prove to yourself again that the Earth is flat. We’re not saying we have all the answers, but everyone here is united by the knowledge that the Earth is not a globe.”

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Via RT. This piece was reprinted by RINF Alternative News with permission or license.