Five Strategic Lessons Learned In The Wake of The Battle of Sacramento

With a combination of reflection and action, theory is interacting with practice.  We are politically at a massive disadvantage, but a number of new tools are neutralizing the playing field, where money and control over the air waves is becoming less relevant.

1) We can neutralize the Controlled Media’s Narrative

The internet’s revolutionary impact on politics is on par with Johannes Gutenberg’s printing press. Long before Jeff Zucker’s CNN could get his co-ethnic Richard Cohen’s Southern Poverty Law Center on TV to prejudice the public against the Traditionalist Workers Party,  local news journalists like Frances Wang were on twitter reporting raw facts on the ground. Cell phone cameras, livestreams, and social media coalesced to bring all the facts to light at a speed traditional Zionist wire services like Associated Press could not keep up with. By the time the AP was able to release its brazenly false propaganda piece about a “Ku Klux Klan” rally in Sacramento, people were already informed of the fact that the Antifa’s started the fight and were stabbed/beaten in self-defense.

Additionally, a new phenomenon aids us, and that is the historic lack of credibility of the mainstream media in the eyes of the public. The mass controlled press doesn’t just lie, it tells easily debunkable lies that can no longer survive the litmus test of 21st century person-to-person communication.  The little people who are in the middle of these major news stories can…

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