Fighting Resumes in Fallujah; 133 Killed in Iraq

Followers of Shi’ite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr spent
Thursday and Friday attacking the offices of rival groups. The offices of the
Dawa party, the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq (ISCI), and the Badr
Organization were targeted in Amara, Basra, Kut, Najaf and Nasariya. No
casualties were reported. Although Sadr has accused these organizations of
corruption, he asked his followers to cease the violence.

MP Shakhawan Abdullah, a Kurdish member of
Parliament, said Baghdad
owes Peshmerga fighters 5,000 tons of weapons and other military aids.

At least 133 were killed and 24 more were wounded:

In Fallujah, a bomb-disposal
expert was killed and two more were wounded
while attempting to defuse a
bomb. Two
soldiers were wounded
in a later attempt. Earlier in the week, four
soldiers were killed
when their tank came across an explosive booby trap.
The governor of Anbar province said that five people were
tortured to death
by the Shi’ite militiamen. Six
militants were killed and two were wounded
in an airstrike.

A mass grave containing 10
was discovered in Yathrib.

Militants stormed a home in Tarmiya. They killed
two army officials, two women, and three children

In Baghdad, a bomb killed
one person and wounded eight more
. Security forces killed
at least 15 militants and wounded eight more

In Riyadh last week, militants killed a member of the Badush
tribe. A large group of tribesmen retaliated on Friday at a checkpoint, where
they killed at least 12
and wounded several more.

A roadside bomb in Kaba wounded
two soldiers

Battles in Haditha left 20
militants dead

Security forces killed
15 militants
at the Albu Elwa Bridge near Falluja.

militants were killed
in Subaihat.

In Albu Sanaa, 12
militants were killed

militants were killed
in Nisaf.

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