Fighting Continues in Fallujah; 185 Killed in Iraq


Fighting Continues in Fallujah; 185 Killed in Iraq

The World Health Organization warned
that civilians in Fallujah are at high risk for disease. Poor hygienic
conditions and a lack of vaccinations could trigger a massive outbreak of
disease. Last year, refugees in the Abu Ghraib area contracted
cholera which later spread to other provinces.

Security forces say
they have liberated 25 percent of Fallujah and killed 232 militants so

At least 185 were killed and 37 more were wounded:

Militants executed
19 civilians
in Shirqat.

In Fallujah, a sniper shot and killed
a toddler and wounded his mother
as they tried to escape. Security forces killed
15 car bombers
. Twenty
militants were killed
in Basateen and Halabesa. Twelve
more were killed
in southern Fallujah.

Clashes in Mukhisa left three
soldiers dead and four wounded
. Four
militants were killed

In Baghdad, a bomb killed
two people and wounded four more

A security officer
was wounded
in Tuz Khormato while trying to apprehend a militant who was

In Jazira and Zankura, security forces killed
40 militants

At least 15
militants were killed and 20 were wounded
during airstrikes on Hawija.

Strikes on Mosul left 13
militants dead and seven wounded
. Another 13
were killed
in a strike on the Faisaliya district.

Artillery fire killed
12 militants
in Doulab.

An airstrike on Rashid killed
12 militants

A strike killed
two militant officials
in Shirqat last week.

A militant
leader was killed
during fighting in Makhmour.

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