Female Student Has Sex With Drunk Male Student… But HE Gets Expelled!?

Louder With Crowder
March 17, 2016

When it comes to college and rape, the left tends to get its way regardless of the facts (see Justice? College Withholds Degree of Student ACQUITTED of Rape and Obama and Biden Seek to Defund Colleges ‘Guilty’ of… ‘Rape Culture?’). Such details have little bearing on feminist justice, you sexist fat-shaming pig. Take this situation for example. A few years ago, a female student at Drake University claimed she was raped by a male student. In the long investigation to follow, developments were brought to light. Spoiler: she’s a liar-liar pants on fire. 

Firstly, she refused a physical examination. Red flag numero uno. Secondly, she was the one pushing herself onto the male student, who was allegedly drunk and has a learning disability (ADHD). Bearing all that in mind, the school expelled him

The student, “John Doe,” was expelled for sexual misconduct – ostensibly because he engaged in non consensual sex with a female student, “Jane Doe.”

Jane [said] she was intoxicated, although investigation suggests she exaggerated. She claimed she tripped on the sidewalk … and fell, though a witness refuted this. She also claimed a bartender served her a drink. But the bartender said that never happened.

In the eventual hearing, Jane Doe admitted to initiating oral sex on John Doe without his consent.

Other than the lies, what else did you notice? This girl admitted to touching a dude without consent. While he was drunk. Sounds a lot like… rape.

It goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway for the leftists in the back: if the roles were reversed and the male student admitted to performing oral on the female student while she was passed out, case closed. Rapist. Forever ostracized from civil society.

But it gets worse…

[Later] John remembered passing out in his bed and Jane telling him she was leaving. Jane remembered waking…

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