Feeling flush? Then you’ll go potty for £3,000-a-month London toilet

London property has always been in high demand and comes with a hefty price tag, but you would want to be pretty flush to get your hands on the latest piece of real estate on the market.

A toilet is up for rent in affluent Highgate for £3,000 a month (US$4,237). Average rental prices in the area run to around £2,000 a month for a two-bed property.

Located in a block of flats at Highgate West Hill, the pricey loo is conveniently located next to a bus turnaround point. Owner James Atherton hopes to target bus drivers in need of relief.

“The bus drivers in Highgate don’t have a toilet, I thought they might be interested in buying it, or maybe three of them could get together and rent it,” Atherton explained to the Camden New Journal.

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The toilet has been unused for years, and Atherton says it’s in good condition, though the £3,000 price tag doesn’t including cleaning.

“Whoever takes it will have to clean and maintain it themselves and use it as a toilet,” said Mr Atherton, before unexpectedly adding, “And no parties.”

Camden Council plans to shut the public toilets in Pond Square in Highgate to cut maintenance costs. Atherton hopes to cash in on the resulting increase in demand for a place to pee if the council goes through with the closure.

“I hope they don’t shut the public toilets in Pond Square because they are needed, but it would be good news for me in a business sense,” he admits.

Interested parties should note that Atherton is willing to rent out the toilet on a long-term basis – offering a 20-year lease for £20,000.

Via RT. This piece was reprinted by RINF Alternative News with permission or license.