Farage calls Juncker ‘bloody rude’ and ‘a bully’ for criticizing Theresa May (VIDEO)

It was another scandalous day in Brussels when UK Independence Party (UKIP) MEP Nigel Farage attacked European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker during a European Parliament session on Wednesday.

Farage invited his fellow MEPs to put themselves in British Prime Minister Theresa May’s shoes and imagine how they would feel if a dinner guest “had told the outside world that you, the host, were deluded, that you were living in a different galaxy.”

The former UKIP leader was referring to the ongoing fracas between London and Brussels, following a dinner meeting between May and Juncker. Soon after the event at Downing Street in April, the Eurocrat leaked his conversation with the PM to a German newspaper, adding: “I’m leaving Downing Street 10 times more skeptical than I was before.”

Farage also called Juncker’s comments about the English language’s decline“extreme petulance.”

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Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May and Head of the European Commission, President Jean-Claude Juncker. © Hannah McKay

“If you were the host and you’ve been treated like that by someone you thought was important and somebody you thought you could trust I think you’d be asking yourself, were you dealing with a reasonable person?” Farage said.

“Now I don’t know, Mr. Juncker, whether this is how you carry on in Luxembourg. I doubt it, because in any part of the civilized world frankly that behavior would be considered to be bloody rude and the act of a bully.”

The European Parliament assembled on Wednesday to discuss a Special European Council meeting in April where the EU’s official Brexit negotiating strategy was formally approved by the 27 remaining countries in the bloc.

“I tell you something,” Farage continued, pointing at Juncker, “your attempt to bully the Brits through this negotiation is not working.

“Either we get some grown-up, reasonable demands from the European Union or the United Kingdom will be forced to walk away before the end of this year. We can’t spend two years with this farce.”

The Brexiteer then quoted an unexpected source in the form of the former Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis.

“I rarely agree with Marxists, but perhaps Mr. Varoufakis is right when he says about negotiating with the EU, ‘It is a technocracy that is desperately clinging onto its own exorbitant and illegitimate power,’” he said.

“You may have crushed Greek democracy two years ago, you ain’t gonna do it to us.”

Via RT. This piece was reprinted by RINF Alternative News with permission or license.