Fanning the Flames of Revolution

The power of the privileged elite, like capitalism itself, is predicated upon lies and delusion. Their power appears formidable and insurmountable. In reality, it is as tenuous and ethereal as a wisp of smoke. A virtuous man or woman causes them to quake in their shoes and wet their pants. The nation’s rulers are not like ordinary Americans; they are psychopaths. I cannot confirm if they actually believe the lies they have planted in the public mind, but I do know that they have a preternatural fear of truth and mass revolt. They loathe Democracy and Socialism like the plague.

Nothing exemplifies the elite’s fear of truth more than the absurdities circulating in the corporate media. Because capitalism is in terminal decline and the economic, political and social institutions of the US are corrupted and undemocratic, emancipatory journalism is under assault, as is reality itself. Truth must be denied and kept from public view at all cost. If the masses move from false consciousness to true consciousness, there will be trouble.

Owing to feckless politicians, many of them democrats, and fearing mass dissent resulting from developing class consciousness, Russia Today (RT) is being forced to register with the US Department of Justice as a foreign agent. When will the journalists that criticize capitalism and expose the corruption of the US political system be required to do the same? When will people of conscience begin to disappear?

It is the power elite and the…

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