Families forced to rely on charity after Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, explosion


Families forced to rely on charity after Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, explosion

Jacob Crosse

17 July 2018

In a press release issued Friday, July 13, Bear Communications, hired by Verizon to complete a fiber-optic project in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, identified VC Tech Inc. as the subcontractor that struck a gas main last Tuesday, resulting in devastating explosion that killed firefighter Cory Barr and left dozens of residents homeless.

Bear Communications further stated that none of their workers were in the area but that they would continue to “fully cooperate with authorities” in their investigation. Bear Communications did not identify where VC Tech is located, nor does there appear to be a web site for the company.

VC Tech Inc. has made no statement since being identified as the subcontractor

“responsible” for the blast.

Photos and eyewitness reports confirm that the truck working in the area had a Bear Communications decal on it; however, Bear stated in its release that it “provides its subcontractors with magnetic signs with the Bear Communications logo for their vehicles.”

The investigation into the deadly explosion is still “ongoing” a week later with little information being divulged by the authorities. It took more than three days for the name of the subcontractor to be released, with the various companies involved seeking to deflect as much responsibility as possible for the tragedy.

On Saturday, a memorial service was held for firefighter Cory Barr, with hundreds in attendance including first responders and the fire department. The service took place at Sun Prairie High School, which has also hosted residents who have been displaced or recently made homeless by the explosion.

Over a dozen families in the city of roughly 30,000 residents are seeking…

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